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Explanation on the content of company website group

Explanation on the content of company website group

Recently, due to the bilingual updating of the company website and the independent construction of the service content pages, there has been a great change in the company website group. Now I will explain:

(1) the company's official website www.itucn.cn [bilingual in Chinese and English] (the original website www.cnaipoo.com is still available)

Official website subordinate page:

1.  ITU. New Media: dsp. itucn. cn [Chinese only] (Short Video Shooting and Marketing Services)

2. Private customized photography: www.itucn.cn/sishe [Chinese only] (customized private photography service)

3. Goddess Manufacturing Plan: www.itucn.cn/nvshen [Chinese only] (Women's Comprehensive Self-Evolutionary Service)

(2)I.2.MODEL Independent Brand Official Website :www.i2mm.cn [Chinese-English bilingual] (model.cnaipoo.com terminated)

(3) U1GOO independent e-commerce brand website www.u1goo.cc [Chinese only] (will be synchronized with go.u1goo.cc later)

Subordinate pages:

1. Youhui.u1goo.cc [Chinese only], a women's exclusive online discount platform (formerly limited to the internal use of Aituo Mould, recently open)

2.GO! Qinhuangdao Independent City Platform go.u1goo.cc [Chinese only] (Qinhuangdao City shopping, door-to-door, booth service platform recently opened)



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