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Online Red Short Video Host Recruitment is about to open

Since September 2019, the "Aituo Meimei" of Qinhuangdao Aituo Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has opened the service of Internet Red Anchor Fostering. At present, there are two ways of cooperation:

1. Vertical packaging of Aituo Mould (i.e. Aituo Mould is directly responsible for the creation of online red artists, and carries out deep packaging according to artists'characteristics, and achieves the quantity guarantee of advertisements and endorsements during the contract period);

2. The cooperative packaging between Aituo Mould and the third party (that is, the net-red artists signed by Aituo Mould and the front-line new media organizations jointly create the net-red, and realize the creation of fans and popularity during the contract period);

The two types of cooperation have the following differences:

1. Vertical packaging of Aituo Mould (contract period: 24 months; commission: 20,000 RMB; packaging fee: according to different people, for image packaging; target: fans 50K or more, advertising more than 10 groups);

2. Partnership packaging between ATM and third parties (contract period: 60 months; commission: 120,000 RMB; packing cost: estimated 8,000-20,000 RMB; target: fans more than 120 K);

The details of this recruitment will be displayed on Aituo Mould website in September. Please look forward to it.

(Note: Due to the typhoon in Sihanouk City, the progress of Aitoumi Southeast Asia Office has been delayed, and the latest progress will be updated in time.)



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