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Guidance Explanation of i.2.Model's Joining Model

     In today's era of beauty creating economy and value creating, many investment companies and young entrepreneurs have also turned their attention to fashion and cultural communication companies such as model brokerage companies, webcast brokerage companies, Taobao model photography companies and so on. Everyone has noticed that beautiful and handsome guys can get a lot of popularity. Note the potential commercial value and have the idea to invest in a model brokerage company. thatHow to start a model company? How much does it cost to start a model company? Does the model company make money? How does the model company operate?They have become their most concerned issues...

       Qinhuangdao ITU Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is one of the more professional model brokerage companies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It has more than 6 years'experience in model brokerage operation. Its predecessor is AIPOO Vision Studio in Qinhuangdao. It has been established to integrate Chinese and foreign model brokerage, Internet Red brokerage, commercial advertising photography production and fashion activities planning and production. Comprehensive Cultural Communication Company. The company has accumulated abundant brokerage and fashion network resources in the long-term model brokerage operation, and established a professional image in the national plane model industry. You can use Baidu search "Qinhuangdao Model Company", "Hebei Model Company", "Qinhuangdao Model Brokerage Company" to see the spread of Qinhuangdao Aidu culture. The official websites of the Group of Limited Company can be verified by searching on their own.

        Do you want to start your own model agency? Well, I have good news...

       Since 2019, Qinhuangdao ITU Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has been able to join in different regions. First, we will join branches and offices in various cities and towns throughout the country. The founder of Qinhuangdao ITU Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is in charge of the whole training and support plan of the partner company's franchise project, helping you with your own hands. I own a model brokerage company in my city to create wealth with the value economy.

        After training and guidance, the partners of the model company will have the ability to operate, promote and manage the model company independently, have the right to operate independently and abundant local model resources, and provide free technical guidance to the head office for any problems related to the management company encountered in three years'operation.


The training contents of joining model companies include:

1. Explanation of Terminology Used in Modeling Industry

2. Analysis of Major Profit Models of Model Brokerage Companies

3. Explanation on the Industry Market Quotation of Model-related Business

4. Pre-registration preparation of model company

5. Suggestions on Site Selection of Model Company

6. How to recruit and sign models and contracts

7. Contractual Cooperation of Models and Other Performing Resources

8. How to Develop the Model Market to Search for Service Customers

9. How to Start Modeling Business with Low Cost and High Efficiency

10. Establishment, Operation and Promotion of Model Company's Website

11. Let your customers automatically find promotional tips on your doorstep

12. Signing of Service Contract for Shooting and Filming by Clients

13. Execution and management methods and matters needing attention in shooting and activity site

14. Problems and Solutions in the Operation of Model Company

15. Business Expansion Model and Transition Plan of Model Company

One-to-one online training or face-to-face teaching can be used (because the company usually has more busy activities, training time is irregular according to the off-peak season coordinated communication between the two sides agreed)


    In addition to the outline of the basic franchise training content listed above, we will also plan, support and answer questions according to the needs of different franchisees. If you are interested in joining beautiful and handsome men such as cloud fashion industry, you are welcome to contact the founder of our company, weed consultation and related questions.

    And in order to maximize the interests of the majority of franchisers and prevent vicious market competition, we only plan to recruit a model company brand franchiser in each city, each district and county only plans to recruit a model company regional franchiser, and each township only plans to recruit a model company cooperative agent!


    At present, our company plans to build directly affiliated networks in Tianjin, Chengdu, Sihanouk (Kingdom of Cambodia) and Moscow (Russian Federation). The above cities will not accept to join us for the time being.



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